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Nasal Strips

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[Adwin Korea Corporation]

  • South Korea South Korea
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"Breathe Better, Feel Better.!"

Carederm disposable Nasal Strips help improve nasal breathing by gently opening nasal passages.
Nasal Strips relieve nasal congestion due to sinus colds and allerges, and may reduce or eliminate snoring.

<Key Effect>
*High greade adhensive holds strip strongly & comfortably.
*Flexible and elastic band gently lift nasal passage open.

*The strips are easily applied, and after a short of time, are not noticed by the wearer.
Additionally, the stips are effective in relieving airflow restrictions within the nasal passages, during use.
*During removal, the strips exhibit a good adhesive bond between the product and the skin of the wearer.
The strips do not leave a film or residue on the skin, after removal.