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Finger Teeth Wipes

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[Adwin Korea Corporation]

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Clean Teeth, Fresh Breath!

You can have healthy mouth and just-brushed feeling. With Carederm Finger Teeth Wipes soft-embossed & pre-treated teeth wipes, all you have to do is rip one open, slip it on your finger and brush your teeth and massage gums. You'll get a healthy mouth and fresh breath when you're on the go-no messy clean-up.

<Key Effect>
*Wipes & Massage Teeth ,Gums and tongue.
*Pre-treatment & Soft embossed wipe for good feeling while use.
*Quick brush without tissue damage.
*Sugar free. Fresh fragrance, mint!
*Comfortable, slip-on design fits most finger sizes.
*No water or rinsing necessary.
*Content : 1 satety wipe in sachet easy to carry.